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Laying Apostolic Foundations
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in California, USA. My first semester was during the winter
months here in Canada so I was glad to get away from the cold
and the snow.

About three quarters of the way through the semester a friend
said, “Bob, lets go body surfing.” Being a Canadian, I said sure -
not quite knowing what body surfing was. We went to the beach
and I found out that body surfing was swimming out into the
ocean and then trying to catch a wave that came along, using
your body as a surfboard. When there was no wave, we had to
do the basic things such as floating (dog paddling for me) to
keep afloat until the next wave came along. It was a basic
sequence of wave – calmness – wave . I have to admit I had
limited success with body surfing! I think I spent more time
floating and waiting for a wave and then tumbling in the wave
than I did any surfing.

That adventure in surfing taught me some things about waves
and I believe what I learned has application for the spiritual life of
the church in Canada now.

I have been a Christian from a young age. During that time I have
observed a number of significant moves of God in revival. But I
have also observed that when there is a wave that comes
through, it is followed by a time of quiet and consolidation before
the next wave comes. During that time of quietness is when we
need to get the basics of Christian life in hand and practicing
them fully. Some of the basics I am speaking of are evangelism,
discipleship, holiness and sanctification. These are the things of
God has sought to bring about through the wave of revival. Now
we need to solidify them in our life. By establishing these in our
life we are preparing ourselves for the next wave of God.

However I am observing a trend that disturbs me. I see many
Christians who are trying to cause a wave or move of God. I see
them chasing after various unique signs, demonstrations and
manifestation that they are saying are of God. It troubles me is
these “signs” or manifestations have no biblical precedence.
What I mean is I don’t see in the Scripture that says these things
are of God. If it was a matter of physical healing or deliverance
or salvation – yes those things clearly are in the scripture and we
can know they are of God. But where in the Bible does it talk
about gold flakes as evidence of God’s presence? Where in the
Scripture does it talk of oil pouring off of the hands as evidence
of God’s presence? Where in the Scripture is it clearly indicate
that we should be having conversations and experiences with
believers who have now gone to heaven?

When I hear of people having visitations from their dead
girlfriend to give them guidance, all my alarm bells start going
off. From the way I read the Old Testament, God clearly
indicated that we should not be communicating with the dead.
He calls it necromancy. Yet I see Christians using this
“experience” and other experiences as some type of indication
that they are moving in a higher plane of spiritual reality. My
concern is that they are being deceived. The way God provides
guidance is through his Word and through his Spirit!
God has built natural rhythms and cycles into nature to indicate
that it is part of the way that He moves in the spiritual realm. Yes
let’s enjoy and be refreshed in the wave that God sends. But
when it’s time for the quiet between the waves then let’s not try to
stir up a wave. Let’s not go chasing after things that may not be
of God. Rather, let’s get established in the basics for the next
wave of God. Where do we find the basics? We find them in the
Scripture where God tells us that we are to be prepared for His
coming, that we are to be witnessing to others that they need a
Savior. We need to disciple them so that they will begin to live
lives of obedience and holiness.

I desire revival as much as you! But my little body surfing
experience also taught me that waves come in cycles and that
there is quiet between the wave. If there is no quiet between the
waves we call that a storm.

I’m calling for us to be discerning, to know the ways of God as
outlined in the Scripture. I’m calling for us to be solid in the
basics of winning the lost, knowing the word of God and living  
holy lives. These are the things that will keep us from being
deceived. These are also the things that will prepare us for the
next wave so that we can “surf with God” when He sends the next