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begin to move in the prophetic.
Check back often as I add more teachings to this site.

Note: Some of the audio teachings were done in the Ukraine or
Kazakhstan. The audio teaching may include the voice of the translator
speaking in Russian.

Working With Your Prophetic Word
This brochure walks you through the process so you can co-operate with
your prophetic word. Practical steps are outlined.

"Working With Your Prophetic Word"  - Click on the link above to open the

The Prophetic Purifying Process
This teaching explains what begins to happen in our life right after we get
a prophetic word spoken over us. You will see how spiritual forces are put
into motion so that God's purposes will come about. You will also
understand some of the other challenges that come into your life because
of the prophetic word.

Prophetic Purifying Process Audio MP3 - Click on the link above to listen.

Prophetic Purifying Process Diagram - Click on the link above to view the
diagram as you listen to the audio.

A Prophetic Dilemna
After receiving a prophetic word, we sometimes work against ourselves.
We don't like the changes that have begun - and if we continue in the way
described in this teaching we can actually forfeit our prophetic destiny.
Listen and avoid this practice for your own benefit.

A Prophetic Dilemna - Click on the link above to listen.
Teachings on the Prophetic