Bob MacDonald Ministries
Laying Apostolic Foundations

One of the ways we can hear God speak is He gives us IMPRESSIONS IN OUR MIND.  So how
do I know when it's really God speaking to me?

The Bible says we must learn to distinguish God's voice. Here are seven tests you can follow
to know it's not from God.

1. DOES IT AGREE WITH THE BIBLE? God never contradicts His written word.

Luke 21:33 "Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away."  God will
never tell you to violate anything in this book. Never.


Philippians 2:5 "In your lives you must think and act like Jesus Christ."

Jesus is the standard by which we measure everything we do. God says very clearly in the
Bible that His goal for your life is to make you like Jesus. Not to be a god but to be godly.  To
have character, to have love, joy, peace, patience, all the qualities that Jesus had -- in your

3. When I'm trying to figure out whether I've got this idea from God or not, I need to ask
"DOES MY CHURCH FAMILY CONFIRM IT?" When you become a believer, a follower of
Christ, you not only get a new relationship to God, you get a new relationship to other people.
It's called the church, the family of God.  Proverbs 11:9 "The wisdom of the righteous can
save you."


Ephesians 2:10 "We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which
God prepared in advance  for us to do."

Romans 12:6 "God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well."

Before you were born God planned your life. God made you for a purpose. You're not here
by accident. You're here for a reason.

5. The fifth test is this: DOES IT CONCERN MY RESPONSIBILITY?

If it's not your responsibility why in the world should God talk to you about it?

Romans 14 "We will all be judged one day not by each other's standards or even by our own,
but by the judgment of God. It is to God alone that we shall have to answer for our actions."


Conviction is from God, condemnation is from the devil. Conviction points the way to change,
condemnation just makes you feel bad. When God convicts you of sin in your life it is always

He says, Here's an atitude, behavior, or something in your life that needs changing.


1 Corinthians 14:33 "God is not the author of confusion." So if you're feeling confused that
confusion is not coming from God. It may be coming from yourself or other people, but it's not
coming from God.

If you feel pressured and overwhelmed and driven to make a hasty decision, a major decision
in life, and you're very pressured to make it, question it. That's not the way God works.

Let me Pray with you:


If you've never opened your life to Christ, pray, "Dear Jesus Christ, I want to hear Your voice.  
I need to know the direction You want me to go, God. I want to establish a relationship with
You through Your Son, Christ. I ask You to come into my life the best as I know how and put
Your thoughts in my mind and Your love in my heart. Help me to start growing spiritually in
You. I don't understand it all but as best as I know how I open my life to You."

Others of you have Jesus Christ in your life but you haven't heard His voice in a long time
because your heart has grown cold and your ears have gotten stopped up. God doesn't have
laryngitis. He's still speaking. The problem is on your end. Would you say, "Jesus Christ
forgive me for allowing sin to come between me and You. Things I knew were wrong but I've
allowed them anyway in my life. I ask You to forgive me and help me to deal with these issues
so I can change and make things right where possible. I want to hear Your voice in my life on
a daily basis. Speak to me. Help me to sense Your love.  Forgive me for having false images
of the way You are. You are not a god who wants to beat me up but You want to guide me
and love me. I want to love You and follow You. In Jesus name. Amen."

Free from Harmful Habits/Addictions In Your Life - by Irene MacDonald

Because of His word and the blood of Jesus we can believe in our hearts and mind, and say
with our mouth that Jesus is the Lord of our life.   Also confessing that from this day forward
you are set free and delivered from the habit that is plaguing you in the name of Jesus.  This
is written in  Math 18:18-19.  No longer can Satan harass or operate any of his unclean spirit
or habits over you.  You will not become the slave of anything that exalts itself over the Word
of God or be brought under its power.  Confess that you are strengthened and reinforced
with mighty power in your inner self by the Holy Spirit, Who lives and dwells in your innermost
being.   Proclaim that you are strong in the Lord!   You are empowered through your union
with the Lord.  You draw strength from the Lord – that strength which His boundless might

Arm yourself, put on the full armor of God, that armor of a heavily armed soldier which God
has supplied for you; the helmet of salvation, loins girded with truth, breastplate of
righteousness, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith and
the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  With God’s armor on you and in the name
of Jesus, you will be able to stand up against all the strategies and deceits and fiery darts of
Satan. Pray these things back to God.

As an act of your faith, you can receive complete and total freedom.  You are set free and
delivered because you have called upon the name of the Lord, according to that which is
written in His Word.

You are able to disciple your body and subdue it.  You are strong.  You are free.  You will be
able to withstand temptation, because Jesus is the Lord of your life.  Jesus is your High Priest,
and with Jesus and the Father by your side, you will have the strength for all things.  Greater
is He Who is in  than he who is in the world.

Praise and thank the Lord.  Praise him that you are whole and redeemed from every evil
work.  With God and His Word in you, you now control your body.  Your harmful habit does
not, nor can it ever again, control you, in the name of Jesus.

Continue to confess these things over your life until these Harmful Habits and addictions are
broken off of your life.  Some scriptures references to also read are Roman 10:9,10,13,
Hebrews 4:14-16, Matthew 18:18,19, I John 4:4I, Corinthians 6:12, Romans 8:4,9 2
Corinthians 10:4,5, Romans 12:21, Ephesians 3:16, Romans 13:1, Ephesians 6:10-13.

God’s Women Climbing Higher - by Irene MacDonald

God is calling women to come up, surface, develop and take our place with Him.  God desires
that we break out of our restrictions and rightfully be what God intended us to be.  Religion
and traditions have placed many limitations on us.  These regulations and  backgrounds have
prevented us from experiencing the joy that comes from walking in His steps. Women of God,
His plan for you is to give you a hope and a future.

Jer. 29:11  “For I know the plans that I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and
not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."

God Himself designed this hour in history for you, He has a wonderful destiny reserved with
your name on it.  God desires a joint venture of men and women to influence all the nations of
the world.  God is calling us as women to walk in equal partnership with men.  God always
planned for men and women to walk in union and fulfill His purpose on the earth.

Both men and women had a direct relationship with God when they were created in God’s
image.  They shared responsibilities of bearing and rearing children and having dominion
over the earth. Jesus taught that both men and women, regardless of the race, gender or
social status, are necessary and beneficial to the Body of Christ.

At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon men and women.  Both were given gifts.  There was
no discrimination or preference.

It is time for God’s women to climb higher in the Kingdom of God.  God has enabled and
equipped you.  Now is the time to take your place and do the works of Jesus.

Dearth Upon the Earth – By Irene MacDonald

When I committed my life totally to Jesus Christ, not only did my heart change but the
brightness of my physical world changed.  Before Christ everything seemed to have a gray
tinge to it, but I didn’t know this until I got saved. I just thought this was the way the world
looked.  But after Christ in my life everything became brighter, the buses on the street were
brighter, the color of people were brighter, trees and flowers were brighter.  Somehow the
gray tinge was gone.

The reason I tell this little story of my conversion is to draw a picture of what I see happening
in the spiritual realm today and the increase of this over the past few years. I believe there is
a spiritual dearth that is covering our personal lives, our province, the nation of Canada and
other nations of the world.  It is like a gray tinge, a gray blanket of spiritual darkness that has
covered us.  Another picture of this is that of an oil spill on a beautiful large body of water.  It
leaves a thick film of black sticky sludge, the water is no longer blue and clear, but now it is
polluted, leaving beautiful creatures such as ducks, birds and fish covered with this pollutant
and being suffocated of their very life force.

This black spiritual darkness is covering us as Christians and it is choking us of the very life
force of God.  It is very subtle, we don’t see it in the natural and because we have become so
used to I, it has become a familiar way of life.  This film has caused us to slowly leave God on
the back burner of our lives, church and church body life is dead to us and unimportant, thus
the more important things of life actually become a god to us.  This film, this gray tinge of
darkness leaves us full of fear and anxiety about life, it causes us to loose our peace and we
are not sure why.  Witnessing to others about God’s righteousness seems way too out there
and not a desire of our hearts. We are being swept away into mediocrity in our Christian life
and are not sure why.  We wonder why no one talks about God anymore and why God seems
so far away. The enemy has placed this blanket of darkness upon us and it has come upon
us and we are not recognizing it as a spiritual battle.

We will feel trapped as a body of believers until we begin to recognize and lift this veil off of
our lives, our land, cities and nations.  But first we need to recognize that it is there.  It has
established itself over the past 10 years or more, but more so in the last 2-3 years, because
of the godlessness we have accepted into our country and nation.  One by one, each of
these sins of unrighteous and offences to God have allowed the enemy to throw a dark
blanket over us.  We are being choked out without even fully comprehending what is going on.

We need to recognize and pray intensely that God would have mercy and lift this film that is
choking out any righteousness in our loved ones, our cities, our provinces which are literally
dying for lack of unrighteousness.

I believe we can set this back in order.  We need to call upon God to have mercy on us and to
remove this veil of darkness brooding over us.  If we do not act upon this we will very soon
see a totally godless nation, one that has very few Christians and many abandoned church
buildings. We will see less Christ centered families in our society than we presently have
today. This is a crisis, it needs to be dealt with and we as those who know Christ have the
authority in Jesus Christ to take dominion over this prevailing spirit of darkness.

The victory can be won, we can see this dark dearth removed so people will not choke and
die into Satan’s hands but live and light will come back again to our nation.  It is time once
again to see the brightness of God’s righteousness come back to us.  We can do this
because of who we are in Christ.  God is waiting for us to remove this Dearth upon the Earth.

Raising our Kids for the Kingdom of God – by Irene MacDonald

As I minister as a pastor of a church, one of the greatest heartaches I see is that of children
not following the ways of Jesus Christ.

I am sensing such pressure from parents to have all the right programs, events, positive
experiences for their children.  Often this means that Christian parents will run from church to
church, while raising their children to adulthood, hoping that they will find the one “right” place
so their children will choose the “right” path of life.  Also enormous money and effort are put
out by parents to have children in hockey, piano lessons, dancing and figure skating…and
more.   Parents and children running every day, every which way to cram everything
imaginable into one week.

Could it be that we need to get back to some basics of Christian living?  What about a sense
of peace in us as parents and a sense of peace in our homes?  Are we as parents so driven
by life that we drive our children so they have no peace also.  Therefore to compensate, we
feel we need to drive them with all of these “other” things.  We end up putting enormous
pressure on ourselves, our children, and the church of Jesus Christ to fix them all up before it
is too late.

Getting back to the basics means having a balance and trusting God for the outcomes of our
children.  He is well capable of taking care of them.  Are our children surrounded by some
simple structure in our homes?  Having supper together, talking through some of their day
and giving them some guidance as to how God will help them and how Christ sees the
situation of their lives.  Do we show respect to all of our family members that we are living
with?  What about some simple family devotions, picking up the Bible and reading a portion of
scripture.  Our children will read the Bible by seeing us read the Bible. Do you regularly get
up on Sunday morning and go to church? It is simple stuff but it has been replaced with other
things that are not so important.  Are we taking time to teach things to our children that they
will need to know how to do when they are adults? Things such as cleaning our homes,
buying groceries, looking after finances, teaching our children the simple art of tithing when
they are young?  Is there a tendency in this generation, to give our children everything
without working for it?

Are we faithful to the body of Christ that God has placed us in?  Do you tithe and put some
time and effort each week into your church so that your children will follow your example?  By
the way, show them that church is not a perfect place so that they will know when they grow
up it all won’t be perfect.  A church is always in process and we are to obey God in it and not
be fault finders.  The church of Jesus Christ is a place to grow and give, not always a place to
receive.  God didn’t design it that way.

What about simply accepting your children for who they are and affirming them with what they
are already capable of.  Seeing their potential today and slowly, by example, building into
their lives of what they can become.  How about some fun times together with your children,
they don’t have to be expensive times but just times to hang out and do something together.  
How about sparing the rod and spoiling the child?  Have we lost the ability to correct our
children and not let them be out of order?  Do your children see stability in your lives?  Are
you getting some help for the areas in your life that are dysfunctional and perhaps not
functioning the way they should be?  Remember, your children will most likely be what you

I believe in children and youth programs in the church and having some good peers.  I
believe these are important.  But what if your child doesn’t have all of these things fall into
place all at the right time in his or her life?  Will they still have a sure foundation built into their
lives?  Will they have some of the basics of Christianity of learning how to live their lives after
they leave your care?  Our society now says our children need the best toys, clothes, homes,
cars etc. for them to be successful and make it in life.  Some of these are important, but to
what measure do we compensate for getting back to some of the biblical simple basics that
make children feel loved and accepted in their homes and in their upbringing.

I believe as we have some of the basics back into our homes and lives, children will then
choose and accept Jesus Christ into their lives and choose to follow Him into their adult lives.  
They have experienced His peace and help throughout their childhood, then why would they
reject such a gift when they are older?  Yes there will be turbulent times and seasons in our
children’s lives but if a strong foundation is built underneath them, they will truly stand!

Called, Chosen and Faithful - by Irene MacDonald

God is stirring my heart about being called, faithful and chosen (Revelation 17:14).

In my pursuit to balance the real issues of work, household, marriage, personal health, God
has called me, chosen me and requires me to be faithful.  If I pursue the time for Him, I find it.
Even in today’s demanding society, I find the time to be intimate with Him, read His word, and
carry out the works of Jesus as He instructed us to when He left this earth.  I believe that
when I make the time, He, our Helper, honors my desire and gives me the time and energy I
thought I didn’t have.  My ultimate goal needs to be that I first of all “seek the kingdom of God”
- not the kingdom of this world. In my own life I have had to struggle with these very hard

Where are you at with your calling and service to God today?  Are you giving Him your all?  
Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our freedom to become His chosen vessels.  Now we
serve Jesus Christ!  What are you doing with that freedom?  Does the desire for reading the
word of God so burn in your heart that it is the most thought about book you should read?  
Are you passionate about winning the lost for Jesus Christ? Have you determined what
portion of the week you can give for service in the Kingdom of God?

Our society demands that we work more and more hours. Our families and homes require
many hours of our time.  But God has also called us and has asked us to be faithful. He has
chosen and hand picked to do His service.  Let’s re-examine how we spend our time and
energies to ensure that we give some time to Jesus Christ.  Read the Bible. Pray. Witness.

The joy and peace that we gain by putting Jesus Christ’s work before all other work is really
quite unspeakable.  I believe that Jesus does multiply our time when we seek first to fulfill His
word to us as He beckons us to realize we are called, faithful and chosen.

I invite you to join me in changing the course of our lives so you can be a called, chosen and
faithful one.