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Laying Apostolic Foundations
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appointment”. The Lord was faithful to give me several. From
have changed my life and I believe will help you.

I got my cup of coffee at my regular “fishing hole” (where I go
witnessing) and looked for the first individual to share the good
approached him, sat down and began a casual conversation. In
the course of casual conversation, he asked what I did and I told
him I was a pastor. Before I even had an opportunity to witness
to him, he said to me, “Be sure you tell your people about hell”. I
was taken a little back by this but went on to tell him that the
reason I was in this coffee area was to witness to people about
Jesus Christ. I was out witnessing so people would not go to hell.
This older gentleman began to quote scriptures and encouraged
me that people need to hear about hell and that the salvation that
is available to them. He indicated that preachers had forgotten to
preach about this important topic. He said things would go better
for me if I were to preach on hell and tell people about the reality
of hell. I know it may sound strange, but at one point I thought to
myself, “Is this guy an angel giving me a message from the

I have been stirred recently that people are going to hell without
Jesus Christ. I’ve been stirred that people do not understand
what sin is without knowing God’s Moral Law (the 10
Commandments). People do not know they have broken those
Laws. I include God’s Law in my preaching and each week I go
out to witness because I realize people are headed for hell.

All of us as ministers of the Gospel need to be stirred with this
reality that there is a real hell that people are headed for. If we do
not tell them, who is going to tell them? They will be deceived
into thinking that they can live anyway they want and still get to
heaven. This divine appointment stirred me and I hope it stirs
you to include telling your people about the reality of hell.

It is in the light of the reality of hell and a coming judgment day
that we best understand the love of God. “God is not willing that
any should perish”. “God so loved the world that he sent his only
Son . . so that none should perish” “Greater love has no-one than
this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” “ ”For Christ died for
sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to

I continued to listen to my new found friend. He said, “ As a
preacher, tell your people the Lord is coming soon and they
need to get ready”. He encouraged me that we do not hear
enough preaching about the second coming of Jesus Christ. He
talked about Matthew 24 and the events that are going on
around the world today. He repeated several times that the return
of Jesus Christ is very soon. This older man sitting across from
me said this, “Tell the people to get ready and it will go better for

We finished up our conversation. I gave him a million-dollar bill
tract and then said a prayer for him. He got up to leave and I
went on and found another person to witness to and was able to
share the Gospel with that person.

It has been several weeks since that “divine appointment”. I have
had other divine appointments since - but somehow this one was
different. God stirred my heart and I believe these two points are
a message that we all need to hear. We must continue to
present the reality of hell to the people that we are called to
minister to. Encourage them that they need to talk to the ones in
their circle of influence because those ones will go to hell without
Jesus Christ.

Also, we must tell the people in our church that Jesus Christ is
right near the door. We need to preach on holiness. We need to
tell the people to have their lamps trimmed and ready. We need
to say that Jesus Christ will come just like “a thief in the night”
and the Lord expects us to be ready. The time is near for our
Savior to return. We must be ready!

Let your heart be stirred even as mine has been. I’ve been
impacted. I’ve told my church about these two points. I’ve told the
Way of the Master class that I teach about these two points. I’m
telling you - be bold and preach about the reality of hell. Be bold
and preach that Jesus Christ is coming soon and it’s now time to
get ready!