"Bob and Irene MacDonald
are anointed by God to be an
apostolic-prophetic  team as
they fulfill their full-time
callings of apostle and
prophet. Gifted teachers and
flowing accurately in the
prophetic they release life as
they minister God's Word to
both the believer and the
non-believer. Both Bob and
Irene teach by prophetic
revelation and always have a
now Word of the Lord for the
church or group that they are
ministering to. As they minister
and pray for those in
attendance prophetic words,
words of wisdom, words of
knowledge, and gifts of
healings flow from them
blessing those being
ministered to.

After a quarter century of
pastoring they are being
released into more trans-local
ministry by the church that
they founded, Harvest
Fellowship of Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan. At the same
time, they continue to lead and
oversee the weekly ministry in
that local assembly.

Recognized by Life Builders
Network as an
apostolic-prophetic team they
are a blessing to all who sit
under their supernatural
anointed ministry."

Ralph Howe
Ralph Howe Ministries
Bob MacDonald Ministries
Laying Apostolic Foundations
Bob MacDonald is a gifted apostolic and
prophetic voice to his city and surrounding
region and the network of churches he is part of.
Bob is in his 32nd year as a senior pastor. His
integrity, wisdom and forerunner anointing have
taken him to new levels in the Kingdom of God.
His passion is evangelism, healing and seeing
the Bride of Christ rise into her position in God's

Bob has also been ministering overseas to
nations in the former Soviet Union. God is
wonderfully working among these spiritually
hungry people. Bob works with the local ministry
leaders to equip them and train them. Please
consider partnering in prayer and finances with
this important apostolic ministry.

Bob serves as an apostle in the Life Builders
Network of Churches and Ministries. Bob also
serves on Ralph Howe Ministries advisory council

Teaching and Training
Bob teaches and trains with simplicity and with
practical application on how to put the Word of
God into real life experience.

He has trained pastors, ministry prayer teams in
other churches and taught conference seminars.

Bob is ready to teach on:

School for the Apostle & Prophet - a multi-level
training experience to advance in your calling

Basic Habits of a Disciple

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Evangelism - "The Way of the Master" Course

Prophetic Mentoring & Practicing with the

Levels of the Prophetic

Prophetic Purifying Process

Prophetic Delimena

Prophetic Protocol in a Local Church

Hearing the Voice of God

Apostolic Ministry  - Foundation Layers and
Doctrine Defenders

Freedom Encounter Weekend

Dealing with Controlling and Difficult People -
Jezebel, Leviathan and Abasalom Spirits

Areas of Inner Healing

Setting the Captives Free - Deliverance

Father’s Heart Ministry - Ministering It & Training
Others How to Minister It

Prayer Ministry Team Training

Worship that Brings the Presence of God

BiVocational Ministry
Bob MacDonald Ministries
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